Register for CSC Olympiads in Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, PCM, PCB, Commerce, Arts/Humanity and Electronics & IT
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Benefits of CSC Olympiad

The CSC Academy Olympiad’s do not lead directly to any career benefits; rather, they provide a stimulus to begin a career and to undertake a lifelong journey into the realms of exciting intellectual challenges.

  • Conceptual Knowledge

    The need for conceptual knowledge in the school ecosystem is not felt till the students start preparing for competitive exams.

  • Grade Level Learning

    The tests are grade appropriate, means that the conceptual level as given in the curriculum framework is kept in mind.

  • Multiple Reports

    We give 5 Mock Tests with each subscription and provide detailed performance reports on the Scores, Speed and Correct Answers.

  • Improvement in School Grades

    We are making an effort that these Olympiads encourage students to think deeply and get foundational clarity by solving problems.






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