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CSC Olympiads to provide rural students academic exposure amid Coronavirus lockdown

New Delhi, May 1, 2020: Amidst an unprecedented preventive lockdown, digital connectivity has emerged as the only option for most. While the urban population has shifted quickly to digital, there are concerns over the digital divide affecting rural students. To address this need, CSC SPV today launched CSC Olympiads.

The Olympiads will be open to school children of classes 3 to 12 through CSC online network through 3.65 lakh Village Level Entrepreneurs across the country. The initiative was launched by CEO, CSC SPV, Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, who said: “Through CSC Olympiads, we are providing students in rural areas a platform to test their academic outcomes. Moreover, this will also inculcate a competitive spirit among the students and help them prepare better in future competitive examinations.”

With the schools shutdown across the country owing to Coronavirus lockdown, Olympiads are a crucial way of engaging children and improving their knowledge in various subjects. The CSC Olympiads are available online in Maths, Science, English and Hindi subjects. Students can take the exams in both English and Hindi languages.

Once a student registers on www.cscolympiads.in, CSC Olympiads will provide five mock tests on the latest syllabus pattern to prepare the student for the Olympiad. After the student gives the exam, an in-depth performance analysis will be provided to help the student improve. Each student is given an individual ranking, apart from a certificate.

“Currently, we are providing exams in Maths, science, English and Hindi subjects. However, we also plan to add logical reasoning, cyber Olympiad and general knowledge. Currently the exams are given in Hindi and English, but in days to come more languages will be added,” Dr. Tyagi informed.